Building a Better Tomorrow Today

Our Heroes are Those That Build Things and Keep Them Running

千蠃国际官网We serve the manufacturing plants, machine builders, and construction teams that make our communities strong today and better tomorrow.

EECO is committed to having the high-quality products our customers need when and where they need them. But that’s not enough to meet today’s challenges.

EECO is a full line electrical distributor that specializes in Industrial Automation and power solutions that provides solutions to reduce costs, increase reliability, and improve performance. Driven by ideas to make an impact for our customers, EECO invests in the capabilities required to increase understanding, drive recommendations, and take action.

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Achieve Results

I am responsible for our 千蠃国际官网’s Results and for aligning my activities to achieve those results.

Delight Customers

I understand and anticipate our customers’ needs and drive innovation for their benefit..

Straight Talk

I regularly ask for and offer direct and timely feedback.

It’s Mine

千蠃国际官网I “Own It” and always ask the question, “What Else Can I Do?”

Value Everyone

I appreciate every member of our team and I recognize their contributions.

Think Team

I put the needs of the team first “because we are one EECO.”

Build Trust

I encourage and support everyone’s contribution and new ideas in pursuit of their personal best.